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Unit 6 Tourism, 6G Speaking, Planning a holiday, page 70

Exercise 1

1 monument 

2 musical 

3 safari park 

4 festival

5 carnival 

6 church 

7 concert 

8 square

9 theatre 

10 old town 

11 restaurant 

12 park

13 shopping district 

14 opera house


Exercise 2

Making suggestions: 

1 Do you fancy ...? 

2 Shall we ...?

3 We could always ... 

4 Let’s ... 

5 What about ...?

6 Why don’t we ...?

Accepting a suggestion: 

7 I like that idea. 

8 It would be nice … 

9 Let’s do that. 

10 Yes. Why not?

11 That sounds like a great idea. 

12 That’s a really good plan 

13 What a good idea.

Decling a suggestion: 

14 I don’t think that’s a great idea.

15 I’d rather not. 

16 I’m not sure about that.

17 I’m not very keen on that idea.

Expressing a preference: 

18 Either suggestion is fine by me.

19 I don’t mind. 

20 They’re both good ideas


Exercise 3

1 town 

2 about 

3 nice 

4 worth 

5 say 

6 repeat

7 park 

8 walk 

9 buy


Exercise 4

1 more expensive 

2 local 

3 to buy



Teacher Where shall we stay, then?

Student Nothing too expensive.

Teacher  Pardon?

Student I’d prefer to stay somewhere cheap.

Teacher  Well, there’s a nice little hotel in the Old Town. It’s quite cheap; about £60 a night. If that’s too expensive, there’s a cheaper hotel near the station.

Student Either suggestion is fine by me.

Teacher  OK. Let’s stay at the hotel in the Old Town, then.

Student Fine. Where should we eat, do you think?

Teacher  There are some good restaurants in the main square.

Student What kind of food do they serve?

Teacher  Most of the restaurants here serve local food. But there’s an Indian restaurant, too.

Student Sorry, did you say ‘Indian restaurant’?

Teacher  Yes, that’s right.

Student Oh, I’m not very keen on Indian food. Let’s eat local food.

Teacher  OK.

Student I’d like to do some sightseeing. What do you fancy?

Teacher  The fountain in the Old Town is very beautiful. It’s near the cathedral, which is also worth a visit.

Student That sounds like a great idea. What’s the best way to travel around?

Teacher  Well, if we stay in the Old Town then we can walk everywhere. But perhaps we should go to other parts of the city.

Student We could always buy a travel card.

Teacher  That’s a really good plan. I’d prefer to travel by bus or tram than to walk.

Student I agree.


Unit 6 Tourism, 6H Writing, A holiday blog, page 71

Exercise 1

1 go 

2 buy 

3 visit 

4 hire 

5 play 

6 go

7 lie 

8 eat


Exercise 2

visit a lake, go swimming


Exercise 3

1 I’m / We’re 

2 We’re 

3 I’m


Exercise 4

1 Wish I could stay here longer!

2 Taking lots of photos to show you.

3 See you soon!

Інші завдання дивись тут...