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Unit 7 Money, 7A Vocabulary, Spending power, page 74

Exercise 1

b $750,000 

c £100 

d ¥4.6 million 

e ¥6,900

f £2.5 billion 

g $2,500 h €999,000



a a million euros

b seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars

c one hundred pounds

d four point six million yen

e six thousand nine hundred yen

f two and a half billion pounds

g two and a half thousand dollars

h nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand euros


Exercise 2

1 DIY store 

2 baker’s 

3 greengrocer’s 

4 butcher’s

5 clothes shop 

6 cosmetics store 

7 garden centre

8 post office 

9 shoe shop 

10 stationer’s


Exercise 3

1 deli (delicatessen) 

2 takeaway 

3 bank

4 optician’s 

5 charity shop 

6 estate agent’s

7 launderette 

8 DIY store


Exercise 4

1 newsagent’s 

2 florist’s 

3 jeweller’s 

4 chemist’s



1 Customer I’d like a large bar of chocolate, please.

Newsagent Is this one big enough?

Customer Yes! How much is it?

Newsagent £2. It’s on special offer.

Customer OK. I’ll take it.

Newsagent Anything else?

Customer Yes, I’m looking for a copy of a magazine called Stamp Collectors’ Monthly. Have you got it?

Newsagent I’m afraid we don’t keep it in stock, no. I’ll order it for you, if you like.

Customer Thanks. When will it come in?

Newsagent In about three days, maybe four.


2 Florist Hi. Can I help you?

Customer Yes. I’d like to buy a bouquet for my wife. It’s our anniversary.

Florist Congratulations! How much are you hoping to spend?

Customer I’m not sure … £20?

Florist OK. I’ll see what I can do for that.

Customer Actually, I’m in a hurry. Have you got anything that’s ready to buy now?

Florist We’ve got these two. They’re both quite nice. The larger one includes these beautiful red roses.

Customer How much is it?

Florist It’s £28.

Customer I’ll take the smaller one, please.

Florist Certainly.


3 Jeweller Can I help you?

Customer Yes. I’m looking for a watch.

Jeweller Is it a gift?

Customer Yes, for my daughter. It’s her 18th birthday.

Jeweller Have you seen anything you like?

Customer There’s one in the window. The gold one – it’s on the left.

Jeweller OK. I’ll get it for you, so you can have a closer look.

Customer Thanks. Yes, this is nice. I’ll take it.

Jeweller You can change it if she doesn’t like it … as long as you keep the receipt.

Customer Oh, OK.

Jeweller I’ll put the receipt in the bag.

Customer Thanks.


4 Chemist Can I help you?

Customer Yes, I’ve got a terrible headache and I need some painkillers.

Chemist Well, we’ve got ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Customer I’ll have the ibuprofen, please.

Chemist Sixteen tablets or thirty-two?

Customer Sixteen is enough.

Chemist That’s £1.99, please. Make sure you follow the instructions on the packet.

Customer OK, thanks.


Exercise 5

1 sale 

2 price tag 

3 discount 

4 bargain

5 coupon 

6 special offer 

7 refund 

8 receipt

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