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Unit 7 Money, 7C Listening, Honesty pays, page 76

Exercise 1

1 charges 

2 saved 

3 buy, pay for 

4 afford, lend

5 wastes 

6 owe 

7 run out of, borrow 

8 buy, cost


Exercise 2

A: An honest student gets a reward.



Back in 2011, Chamindu Amarsinghe was a student and, like many students, he was short of money – so he took a parttime job. For a few hours a week, he worked as a cleaner at the offices of a TV company in Sydney, Australia.

One day, he was cleaning the ground-floor bathroom at a TV company building when he found lots of $50 and $100 notes inside a bin. There was too much to count. At first, Mr Amarsinghe, who is originally from New Zealand, thought it was a prank. But when he touched the notes he realised it was real money. He was astonished. His first thought was to tell the authorities. He didn’t know why the money was there but he knew that the money didn’t belong to him and he didn’t want to take it away. He called his supervisor and, before long, police officers collected more than $100,000 from the bathroom.

No one came forward to claim the money, which was probably connected with a crime. But three years later, Mr Amarsinghe received a phone call to say most of the money – about $88,000 – was now his. He was astonished – again! The judge decided that the money was a suitable reward for the student’s honesty. And the police agreed, particularly because Mr Amarsinghe was short of money when he found the cash but still did not think about taking it for himself. Mr Amarsinghe was delighted to receive the money. When the newspapers interviewed him, he didn’t know how he was going to spend it all, but he would give some to his family, some to disabled people and some to a Buddhist temple in Australia.


Exercise 3

1 a job 

2 a room 

3 a country 

4 a number

5 a period of time 

6 an adjective to describe a feeling


Exercise 4

1 a cleaner

2 a bathroom

3 New Zealand

4 100,000

5 three years

6 delighted


Exercise 5

1 a place 

2 a number 

3 a period of time 

4 a thing


Exercise 6

1 The apartment is in Spain.

2 She spent nearly one hundred pounds.

3 He’s had his job for three years.

4 His hobby is cycling.



1 It was one of my friends from school who had the idea. He told us that his uncle owns a big apartment in Spain and we could all stay there for free in June. It would be a great way to celebrate the end of our exams. So asked my parents if I could borrow some money for the flight. They said ‘yes’ and I was really excited. But then it all went wrong. My friend’s uncle didn’t want us there. In the end, we never went.

2 I’ll never go to that department store again. I think the way they treated me is terrible! I spent nearly £100 there on cosmetics but I couldn’t use some of the make-up because it gave me problems with my skin. I took it back and asked for a refund – but the shop assistant said I couldn’t have a refund because they don’t give refunds for make-up. I argued about it and showed her the receipt but it was no good. So in the end I just walked out.

3 I’ve had my job at the radio station for three years now and I really love it – but to be honest, my salary is terrible. It’s just enough for rent and food – but I can’t afford to go on holiday or buy new clothes or anything like that. So I went to see my boss and we had a chat about it. She thinks I’m doing a great job. But when I asked for more money, she said no. She says the radio station is losing money and can’t afford it. Oh well … next year, maybe.

4 I’ve got quite a lot of money in the bank. I don’t know how much exactly – but a few hundred at least. Every birthday, I get presents from my relatives and when they ask me what I want, I always say “money”. So they send me birthday cards with money inside. I don’t spend it – never. I put it all in the bank. One day, I’ll spend it but I’m not sure what I’ll buy. I’m not really saving up for anything. But I might buy new bike one day because I’m really into cycling.


Exercise 7

A Speaker

B Speaker

C Speaker 4

E Speaker 2


The extra sentence is D

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