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Unit 7 Money, 7D Grammar, Past perfect, page 77

Exercise 1



Exercise 2

1 had taken 

2 had kept 

3 had increased

4 hadn’t saved 

5 had sold


Exercise 3

1 had died 

2 had saved up 

3 had buried

4 had written 

5 had drawn 

6 had done

7 had added 

8 hadn’t known


Exercise 4

2 When we’d bought some chicken, we made dinner.

3 When I got home, my parents had gone out.

4 After the sun had come out, we arrived at the beach.

5 After I had taken my bike apart, I cleaned every piece.

6 When we arrived at the hotel, it had got dark.

7 After I had spoken to my dad, I applied for the job.

8 When she had read the letter, she began to laugh.


Exercise 5

2 After he’d had breakfast, he went shopping.

3 After he’d bought a skateboard, he met friends for lunch.

4 After he’d finished his homework, he practised the guitar.

5 After he’d had dinner, he watched a DVD.

6 After he’d read a magazine, he went to bed.

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