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Unit 7 Money, Exam Skills Trainer 4, page 84-85

Exercise 1

It isn’t ‘B’ because he joined up with some people that he met at a hostel. "I met lots of people." "I joined up with a few of them and we started touring the country …"

It isn’t ‘C’ because he says ‘it doesn’t have to cost a lot to live here.’’



Exercise 2

1 C 

2 A 

3 A


Exercise 3

2 prefers, town, country

3 relax, holiday

4 teach, Spanish cooking

5 good hotel, stay

6 advice, job

7 planning, return to Spain, September


Exercise 4

1 False 

2 True 

3 True 

4 False 

5 False 

6 True

7 False



Ben Have you had a holiday this year, Lucy?

Lucy Yes, I went to Spain in May with my mum, my dad and my little brother. We stayed in a little village near Malaga.

Ben Oh yeah, I’ve been to Malaga a few times. My uncle’s got a flat there. He works in a hotel.

Lucy Malaga’s pretty busy.

Ben Yes, it is, but I like lively places. I’m not so keen on villages.

Lucy Yes, but it isn’t boring in the villages near Malaga. We went camping, hiking and cycling. The countryside is really beautiful.

Ben I like doing that kind of thing at home. But when I’m on holiday, I prefer lying on the beach and then going to cafes in the evenings.

Lucy There were some lovely cafes in the village we went to, and the people were so friendly.

Ben Was the food good?

Lucy It was amazing. I love Spanish tapas. I love paella. I really want to do a Spanish cookery course.

Ben I could teach you.

Lucy Really?

Ben Yeah. My uncle’s a chef at the hotel too. He taught me everything he knows.

Lucy Lucky you! I’d like to visit your uncle’s hotel.

Ben Well … next time you go to Malaga, you can go there. I’ll give you the address.

Lucy Thanks. Are you going again soon?

Ben I don’t think so. I haven’t got any money.

Lucy I’d get a job if I were you. I’m working in my local supermarket in the summer because I want to go to Italy in September.

Ben Hmm. Maybe I’ll give them a ring and ask about a job then.


Exercise 5

1 their 

2 when 

3 up 

4 had 

5 could 

6 to

7 time 

8 the 

9 of 

10 If


Exercise 8

Most important


the parking

the town is always full of traffic


tourists could leave their cars in the

car park and get a bus into the centre

Second improvement: 

cut the entrance price to museums and

art galleries


tickets can be very expensive, especially

for families

more tourists would visit these attractions
Third improvement: 

interesting things for children to do in the



If there were more attractions for children,

more families would come to the town

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