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Unit 8 Crime, 8A Vocabulary, Crimes and criminals, page 86

Exercise 1

1 drug-dealing 

2 murderer 

3 robbery 

4 shoplifter

5 smuggling 

6 thief 

7 thieves


Exercise 2

1 burglary, burglar 

2 vandalism, vandal

3 arson, arsonist 

4 mugging, mugger


Exercise 3

1 set 

2 broke 

3 deals 

4 smuggle 

5 killed

6 rob 

7 stole 

8 vandalised 

9 mugged


Exercise 4

1 arson 

2 smuggling



1 A fire broke out in a department store in the town centre shortly after midnight. Police have launched an investigation and suspect that somebody started the fire deliberately. Witnesses saw two men running from the store. The police are studying CCTV footage of the area. They hope to identify the culprits and have appealed for more witnesses to contact them.

2 Police have discovered large quantities of cigarettes and alcohol in a garage in Brighton. They were patrolling the area and became suspicious when they saw men carrying a large number of boxes into the garage. The police are interviewing two suspects who they believe brought the goods from Spain and were planning to sell them illegally in pubs and bars. They have also searched a house nearby and made another arrest.


Exercise 5

a an investigation 

b CCTV footage

c the culprits, witnesses 

d the area e suspects

f a house, arrest

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