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Unit 8 Crime, 8B Grammar, Reported speech (1), page 87

Exercise 1

2 ‘I want to go to bed.’

3 ‘We’re arriving at six o’clock.’

4 ‘I don’t like cheese.’

5 ‘I went to Italy in 2009.’

6 ‘I’m reading a good book.’

7 ‘We received a lot of good advice.’

8 ‘I’m not going to do the washing-up.’


Exercise 2

2 was 

3 were appealing 

4 was going to search

5 had launched 

6 made 

7 thought, was


Exercise 3

2 Mike said that somebody had broken into their house the night before.

3 Kate said that people sometimes sold drugs outside her school.

4 The police officer said that they were going to study the CCTV footage that day.

5 Fred said that John had stolen a camera from a shop the day before.

6 Sam said that the police were looking for the thief who had stolen his car.


Exercise 4

2 … that they had arrived two minutes earlier.

3 … that they were getting out of their car.

4 … that she recognised one of them.

5 … that he had robbed a bank in London four years before / ago.

6 … that they looked nervous.

7 … that one of them was carrying a large black bag.

8 … that they were going into the bank.

9 … that she was going to follow them.

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