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Unit 8 Crime, 8D Grammar, Reported speech (2), page 89

Exercise 1

1 Adrian said that he hadn’t told the police about the vandalism.

2 Julia said that she couldn’t find her passport.

3 Daniel said that he would be at the park at 7 o’clock.

4 Joanna said that somebody had stolen her new bike.

5 Tina said that her dad would lend her some money for the train.

6 Sara said that she could speak French, but she couldn’t speak Spanish.

7 Michael said that he had invited all of his friends to a barbecue at his house.

8 Anna said that she wouldn’t tell anybody about the surprise party.


Exercise 2

1 said 

2 told 

3 told 

4 said 

5 told 

6 told

7 said 

8 said


Exercise 3

2 ‘My sister can’t swim.’

3 ‘I’ve finished the exercise.’

4 ‘James will be home soon.’

5 ‘I met a famous film actor!’

6 ‘I’ll get home by 10 o’clock, Dad.’

7 ‘My cousins can’t speak English.’

8 ‘Lily has always been my best friend.’


Exercise 4

had seen a robbery in the shopping centre.

Freya said (that) she’d heard about it on the news.

Joe said (that) he had been there. He said (that) he had taken lots of photos of the robbers on his phone.

Freya said (that) he’d probably get a reward.

Joe said (that) he wouldn’t get a reward because he couldn’t show the photos to the police.

Freya said (that) she didn’t understand.

Joe said (that), the day before, he’d been the victim of another crime. 

He said (that) a thief had stolen his phone on the bus.

Інші завдання дивись тут...

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