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Unit 8 Crime, 8G Speaking, Photo description and comparison, page 92

Exercise 2

1 must 

2 must 

3 must 

4 can’t



Both photos show a place where a crime has happened. In the first photo, it’s clear that there has been a burglary. In the second photo, there has obviously been a riot, and some

looting. So the common theme is crime.

In the second photo, there’s a man in the shop, whereas the house in the first photo is empty. The owners must be away or at work. Another obvious difference is that the first photo includes some graffiti. The burglars have left a horrible message on the wall – and it’s in English. So the burglars must speak some English!

Unlike the first photo, there are no horrible messages in the second photo. But the man still looks very sad. He must be the owner of the shop. And he can’t be very happy about the riot because the looters have taken nearly everything!


Exercise 3

1 Both 

2 common theme 

3 whereas

4 obvious difference 

5 Unlike


Exercise 5

1 in my opinion 

2 What’s more 

3 As I see it

4 I suppose



Examiner Which is worse, in your opinion: mugging or smuggling? Tell me why you think so.

Candidate Um, it seems to me that mugging is worse.

Examiner Why do you think that?

Candidate Well, in my opinion, mugging is a serious crime because muggers steal people’s personal possessions. What’s more, muggers often attack people and it must be terrifying. As I see it, smuggling doesn’t really affect ordinary people. I suppose it’s true to say that it doesn’t really harm anyone.


Unit 8 Crime, 8H Writing, An email, page 93

Exercise 1

Immediately after:


2 at that  moment

3 just then.

4 a few moments later

Some time later:

5 shortly afterwards

6 a short while later

7 before long

8 after a while

9 soon after

10 soon

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