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Unit 9 Science, 9D Grammar, The passive (present perfect and future), page 99

Exercise 1

1 has been stolen 

2 have been developed

3 has been damaged 

4 hasn’t been seen

5 has been spent 

6 hasn’t been sold


Exercise 2

1 The factory has been sold.

2 The glass in the windows has been replaced.

3 The big front door has been painted.

4 The metal sign hasn’t been changed.

5 A new road has been built.

6 The new roof hasn’t been finished.


Exercise 3

2 Has your home ever been burgled?

3 Have you ever been chased by a dog?

4 Has your phone ever been stolen?

5 Have you ever been invited to a wedding?


Exercise 4

2 most of your electricity will be provided by the sun.

3 all the rooms will be cleaned by robots.

4 the lights will be operated by your smartphone.

5 all of your food will be prepared by machines.

6 the temperature in every room will be controlled by a computer.


Exercise 5

1 have been completed 

2 has been chosen

3 will it be built 

4 will not be decided

5 will be approved 

6 will be sent

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