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Unit 9 Science, 9G Speaking, Making a complaint, page 102

Exercise 1

1 games console 

2 digital camera 

3 DVD player

4 e-book reader 

5 mobile 

6 digital radio

7 tablet 

8 MP3 player 

9 headphones


Exercise 2

a 4 



d 9 


f 6 

g 1 

h 2 

i 10 

j 3


Exercise 3

1 digital radio

2 volume control, power lead, remote control



Shop assistant Hello, can I help you?

Customer Yes, I bought this digital radio here a week ago and there’s a fault with it. 

Shop assistant Oh, I’m sorry. What’s wrong with it?

Customer  There’s something wrong with the volume control. 

Shop assistant Let’s have a look. Have you got the power lead with you?

Customer  Yes, it’s in the box.

Shop assistant OK, I’ll just plug it in.

Customer  You see? It’s very quiet. And when I try to turn it up … nothing happens.

Shop assistant Have you tried using the remote control?

Customer  No, I haven’t.

Shop assistant There. It works perfectly with the remote control.

Customer  But it’s still faulty, isn’t it? Can I have my money back?

Shop assistant We don’t give refunds, I’m afraid.

Customer  No refunds? I’m not happy about that! The volume control doesn’t work!

Shop assistant I can give you a credit note.

Customer  Hmm. Well, OK.

Shop assistant Have you got the receipt with you?

Customer  Yes, I have. It’s in the box.

Shop assistant OK. If you just wait a moment, I’ll sort it out for you.


Exercise 4

1 wrong, shop assistant 

2 something, customer

3 money, customer 

4 refunds, shop assistant

5 happy, customer 

6 credit, shop assistant

7 receipt, shop assistant


Unit 9 Science, 9H Writing, A formal letter, page 103

Exercise 1



Exercise 2

1 rather than 

2 Since 

3 so


Exercise 3

1 all 

2 balance 

3 opinion 

4 conclusion 

5 reasons


The writer uses ‘In conclusion, ...’

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