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Unit 9 Science, Exam Skills Trainer 5, page 106-107

Exercise 1

B is correct: ‘I think it was the meal I had on the journey across.’

A: Mark was ill on the first day he arrived.

C: The doctor thinks this, but Mark doesn’t agree.

D: Mark didn’t eat anything at the station.


Exercise 2


2 B 



5 D


Exercise 3

1 B 

2 B 

3 C 


5 C



Jake Have you entered the design competition at school? I heard that the first prize is a trip to a fashion show during London fashion week. What did you win last year?

Sally Oh, the first prize was £50 to spend on clothes. This year’s prize is much better, but I haven’t entered the competition yet.

Jake Why not? You’re brilliant. Nobody’s better than you!

Sally  But I can’t think of anything this time.

Jake Really? You’ve got lots of designs. What about those T-shirts you sold online last summer? They were amazing. All the girls at school loved them. My sister bought three!

Sally  Well, yes, I know. I want to try to design something for this year, but I need to think of something new. All my designs are old now.

Jake When’s the competition deadline?

Sally  It’s 8 July.

Jake So you’ve still got a few weeks.

Sally  Yes, but I told you, I haven’t got any ideas! I spent yesterday looking at fashion magazines and websites, trying to think of something. And I spent last weekend in town looking at all the best fashion stores. I just couldn’t think of anything. I certainly didn’t want to wear anything from them myself!

Jake Right … So … Are you looking at women’s clothes?

Sally  Yeah. I’d like to design an evening dress, or something like that.

Jake Well that’s OK, but why don’t you do something different? How about designing something for men?

Sally  Such as?

Jake I don’t know … jackets maybe, or how about trainers?

Sally  Hmm … that’s a good idea. I’ve never designed shoes before. OK, I’ll take a look at some websites.


Exercise 4


2 A 

3 C 

4 C 

5 A 

6 B 

7 C 

8 A

9 B 

10 C


Exercise 5


В -



E -


G -

Exercise 7

1 for example

2 for instance

3 like

4 such as


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