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UNIT 1, IA Vocabulary, Likes and dislikes, page 4

Exercise 2

The boy who is standing is Ryan. The two girls sitting at the table are Izzy and Becky.


Exercise 3

1 F 


3 T 

4 T 

5 F 

6 F


Exercise 4

Sport and hobbies School subjects 


ice skating,





Exercise 5

Subjects: chemistry, geography, music

Hobbies: gymnastics, chess, dance / dancing


Exercise 6

A I love …; I’m really keen on …; … is great.

B I don’t mind …; I (quite) like …; … isn’t bad.

C I can’t stand …; I hate …; … is terrible.

Phrases in the dialogue

I love …;

I hate…;

I don’t mind …;

I like …;

I’m not very keen on …


UNIT 1, IB Grammar, Contrast: present simple and present continuous, page 5

Exercise 1

The girl on the left is playing the guitar and laughing. The other people are listening to her. Everyone is sitting on the grass and smiling. They are enjoying themselves. The boys are wearing jeans and T-shirts.


Exercise 2

Because he loves volleyball.


Exercise 3

2 present continuous 

3 present continuous

4 present simple 

5 present simple 

6 present continuous


Exercise 4

a She has guitar lessons every week.

b What are you doing? At the moment, we’re listening to Sue. She’s playing the guitar. So are you coming We’re packing boxes today.

c She’s getting better. We’re moving house next weekend.

d I’m in the park with some friends. She’s OK. That’s a shame. A game of volleyball doesn’t take long.

e Do you want to join us? I don’t know. I need to help my parents. I love volleyball!

f We’re moving house next weekend. We’re playing volleyball later.


Exercise 5

1 a I have arranged to do my homework after school today.

  b I always do my homework after school.

2 a Joe is learning to drive at the moment.

  b This is a fact.

3 a This is a fact.

  b He is playing the guitar at this moment.

4 a We haven’t made a plan to go on holiday this August. We are doing something else then.

  b We never go on holiday in August.


Exercise 6

2 ’m waiting 

3 Are you going 

4 are playing

5 play 

6 is he doing 

7 don’t know 

8 isn’t answering

9 ’m not buying 

10 ’m … looking 

11 Do you like

12 Do you want 

13 ’m not wearing

14 Are you wearing 

15 don’t need

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