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UNIT 1, 1G Speaking, Narrating events, page 16

Exercise 2

1 learned / learnt 

2 loved 

3 wasn’t 

4 got

5 spent 

6 didn’t leave 

7 watched


Exercise 3

The photo goes with the first half of the dialogue because it shows Laurie bodyboarding.


Exercise 4

a 2, worried 

b 1, surprised 


d 3, suspicious

e 4, envious


Exercise 5



Exercise 6

Wow! Oh dear! How awful!


UNIT 1, 1H Writing, A description of an event, page 17

Exercise 3

A amused, guilty 

B angry, frightened

C anxious, pleased 

D angry, pleased


Exercise 4

a find out 

b get over 

c look carefully at 

d own up

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