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UNIT 2, 2C Listening, Adrenaline junkies, page 21

Exercise 2

People: athletic, brave, impressive, strong, terrifying

Extreme: sports risky, spectacular, terrifying, thrilling

Landscapes: impressive, remote, spectacular


Exercise 3

2 over 30 

3 brave 

4 unfit 

5 spectacular 

6 hated


Exercise 5

1 T 

2 T 

3 F 

4 F 

5 F 

6 T


Exercise 6

1 likes enjoys dangerous are not safe; risk

2 told suggested

3 didn’t enjoy no synonym

4 venue place

5 dangers risks

6 great sportswoman new star; great role-model


UNIT 2, 2D Grammar, Contrast: past simple and past continuous, page 22

Exercise 1

He is on the shore at the start. He is in the sea at the end.


Exercise 2

1 b 


3 a 

4 a 

5 c 

6 a


Exercise 3

a was listening; started

b fell; realised; jumped

c swam; came; were arguing

d began; was deciding; heard

e climbed; hid


Exercise 4

1 c 

2 a 

3 e 


5 b


Exercise 5

He was getting near the boat when he heard a shout.

I was getting dressed when my friend phoned.

He was listening to their argument when the boat’s engines started.

He was deciding what to do when he heard a scream.

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