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UNIT 2, 2G Speaking, Photo description, Word building, page 26

Exercise 1

A boots, poles, rucksack

B helmet, dinghy, life jacket, paddles

C rope, safety harness


Exercise 2

Student 2


Exercise 3

1 shows 

2 In 

3 In 

4 At 

5 On 

6 In 

7 looks

8 looks / seems 

9 seems


Exercise 5

A Judging by her expression, I’d say she’s relaxed and excited.

B To me, they look as if they’re feeling excited, nervous and scared.


Exercise 6

scared, excited, bored


Exercise 7

2 To be honest 

3 For me 

4 A while ago 

5 In fact

6 I suppose


UNIT 2, 2H Writing, An invitation, page 27

Exercise 1

A orienteering 

B quad biking


Exercise 3

The second invitation.

1 Lisa

2 Bess


Exercise 4

1 It would be nice to meet up some time.

2 Why don’t we go to the cinema?


Exercise 6

a.m. morning (ante meridiem, before noon)

BBQ barbecue

p.m. afternoon (post meridiem, after noon)

e.g. for example (exempli gratia)

etc. et cetera (to show there are more in the list)

Інші завдання дивись тут...