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UNIT 3, 3A Vocabulary, Films and TV programmes, page 30-31

Exercise 1

A Daniel Craig playing James Bond in a Bond film

B Chris Hemsworth playing Thor in a Thor or Avengers film

C Gru and the orphans in Despicable Me

D Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris playing Lily and Barney in How I Met Your Mother


Exercise 2

A action film 

B fantasy film 

C animation 

D sitcom


Exercise 3


2 period drama 

3 horror film

4 science fiction film 

5 game show 

6 news bulletin


Exercise 5

1 They agree. 

2 They disagree. 

3 They disagree.

4 They agree.


Exercise 6

1 ending 

2 scenes 

3 plot 

4 special effects

5 acting 

6 characters 

7 soundtrack 

8 script


Exercise 7

Animations don’t usually make me laugh.

I’m not a fan of romantic comedies.


Exercise 9

Round 1

  1 soap opera

  2 reality show

  3 talent shows

Round 2

  1 characters

  2 fantasy films

  3 animation

Round 3

1a animation

1b musical

1c horror film

1d thrille

2 action film

3 romantic comedies


UNIT 3, 3B Grammar, Quantity, page 32

Exercise 3

some some important differences; some hobbies any any countries or continents; any coal or oil; any food; any special missions

a some 

b any


Exercise 4

1 any 

2 some 

3 some 

4 some 

5 any 

6 any


Exercise 5

a few conflicts;

a little time;

a lot of islands;

How many cities;

How much energy;

not many trees or plants;

not much pollution


a not much, a little

b not many, a few

c a lot of

f how much, how many


Exercise 6

1 some 

2 any 

3 much 

4 some 

5 many 

6 much

7 a few 

8 a few 

9 any 

10 a little 

11 a lot of 

12 any

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