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UNIT 3, 3G Speaking, Reaching an agreement, page 38

Exercise 1

1 a horror film 

2 a romantic comedy 

3 a period drama


Exercise 3

1a b 2 c 3

3 the cinema at 6.30

4 she doesn’t get on very well with Donna

5 Yes. They decide to invite Tom.


Exercise 4

1 fancy 

2 fan 

3 keen 

4 stand 

5 rather 

6 prefer

7 better 

8 settle 

9 agree 

10 agreed 

11 idea


Exercise 5

I quite fancy … 

I’m not a big fan of … 

I’d prefer …

I’m not keen on … 

Shall we settle on …

I’d rather … 

That’s agreed then. That’s a great idea.


UNIT 3, 3H Writing, An informal letter, page 39

Exercise 1

The film is Iron Man 3. 

The actor is Robert Downey Jr.


Exercise 2

1 I went to see a great film in 3D at the cinema last weekend – ‘Iron Man 3’. I went with my friend Paddy …

2 The special effects are amazing and it also has a clever plot with lots of twists. There are some funny lines in the script too.

3 After the film, we met some other friends at a noodle bar in town.

4 Do you fancy going to the cinema next week?


Exercise 3

1 … because he loves the Iron Man films.

2 It isn’t a new film, but it was definitely worth seeing again.

3 It was fun but I didn’t really like the food. It was very spicy!

4 They’re having a season of action films, including all the Batman series.


Exercise 4

plot, script, special effects


Exercise 5

1 Thanks for your letter; Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. 

2 five

3 no 

4 didn’t, isn’t, They’re 

5 I’d better go now.


Exercise 6

Do you fancy

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