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UNIT 4, 4C Listening, Eyewitness, page 43

Exercise 1

1 There are three people in the doorway of a house.

2 The boy is wearing trousers and a hoodie. The man is wearing shorts and a jacket.

3 The boy on the left has a blue hoodie and blue trousers.

4 He isn’t crying.

5 Next to him there’s a man with a silver bucket.

6 He’s emptying the water onto the street.

7 She looks happy.


Exercise 2

Dialogue 1

1 a boy and his mother (he says ‘Bye, Mum!’)

2 in the morning (he’s on his way to school)

3 at home (he says ‘I’m off to school now.’)

Dialogue 2

1 a couple / husband and wife (she says ‘Bye, darling!’)

2 around lunchtime (he says ‘And what about your lunch?’)

3 at home (he says they can take cover in the cellar)

Dialogue 3

1 two children / a brother and sister (he says ‘Where’s the money Mum gave you?’)

2 in the morning (she says ‘I’m still full from breakfast.’)

3 at the beach / a swimming pool (he says ‘Shall we go for a swim?’) 


Exercise 3

1 B 



4 C 

5 D


Exercise 4 


2 a 

3 b 


5 b


Exercise 5

avalanche a very large amount of of snow, ice and rock that falls down the side of a mountain

drought a long time when there is not enough rain

earthquake a sudden strong shaking of the ground

epidemic a disease that many people in a place have at the same time

famine a famine happens when there is not enough food in a country

flood when there is a flood, a lot of water covers the land

forest fire a fire that happens in a large area of land covered with trees

mudslide a large amount of soft wet earth sliding down a mountain

tornado a violent storm with very strong winds which move in a circle.

tsunami a very large wave in the sea, usually caused by the sudden strong shaking of the ground

volcanic eruption when a volcano (a mountain with a hole in the top where fire, gas, and liquid rock, called lava, sometimes come out) erupts, the burning rocks, etc. are thrown out from the volcano


UNIT 4, 4D Grammar, page 44

Exercise 1

There was a tsunami and a wave lifted the ship, and carried it onto dry land. 


Exercise 3

1 the toughest 

2 the biggest

3 the most powerful; the most difficult

4 the worst

5 the most powerful (earthquake ever) in Japan; the (fifth) most powerful in the world


Exercise 4

2 The earliest 

3 The deadliest 

4 The deepest

5 the smallest 

6 most destructive 


Exercise 5

1 before 

2 after 

3 before 


Exercise 6

2 Skiing holidays are too expensive for me.

3 My dad’s old car isn’t safe enough to drive.

4 The storm wasn’t strong enough to cause much damage.

5 My shoes are too dirty to wear to the party.

6 The sky isn’t clear enough to see the moon.


Exercise 7

2 Who’s the most attractive actor in the world?

3 What’s the funniest comedy on TV?

4 What’s the most interesting city in your country?

5 Who’s the worst singer in the world?

6 What’s the most dangerous animal in the world?

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