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UNIT 4, 4G Speaking, Photo comparison, page 48

Exercise 1

A street market

B parade

C music festival


Exercise 2

lamp post, pedestrian crossing, road sign, shop sign, traffic light


Exercise 3 

Candidate 1: photos A and B

Candidate 2: photos B and C

Yes, they do


Exercise 4

1 It can’t be in Britain because some of the shop signs aren’t in English.

2 It must be a rainy day because they are wearing raincoats.

3 It must be a cold night because the people are wearing winter coats and scarves.


Exercise 6

The second photo shows …,

The common theme in the photos is …,

One obvious difference is …,

In the first photo …, but in the second photo …


UNIT 4, 4H Writing, An article, page 49

Exercise 3

1 two 

2 two 

3 yes


Exercise 4

1 recycle 

2 reduce 

3 cause 

4 alter 

5 lead

6 combat


Exercise 5

A It seems to me that 

B There are people who believe that 

C Nevertheless 

D What is more

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