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UNIT 5, 5A Vocabulary, Jobs, page 52-53

Exercise 2

A engineer 

B hairdresser 

C paramedic 

D architect


Exercise 4

Best paid: engineer, architect, dentist, pilot, programmer, solicitor, paramedic

Worst paid: cleaner, farm worker, hairdresser, receptionist, sales assistant, waiter, sports coach, travel agent


Exercise 6

E be on your feet, work with children

F be on your feet, work outdoors, work nine-to-five

G be on your feet, wear a uniform, work outdoors, work with children

H answer the phone, be part of a team, deal with the public, make phone calls, use a computer, work indoors


Exercise 7

2 repetitive 

3 rewarding 

4 stressful


Exercise 8

1 didn’t earn 

2 travelled 

3 didn’t work 

4 wasn’t

5 worked / was 

6 worked 

7 worked 

8 made


UNIT 5, 5B Grammar, will and going to. page 54

Exercise 3

I’ll move my bag … ; 

I won’t chat … ; 

I’m going to leave … ;

It’ll take … ; 

I’m going to get … ; 

I’ll lend … ; I’ll call … ;

I’ll give … ; Where will you be?; 

I’ll wait …


Exercise 4

a 1 I’m going to get wet 

  2 It’ll take; Where will you be

b 1 I’m going to leave 

  2 I’ll call

c I’ll move my bag; I won’t chat; I’ll lend; I’ll give; I’ll wait 


Exercise 5

2 I’m going to start 

3 are you going to do

4 ’m going to study 

5 I’m going to get 

6 will be

7 will be 

8 ’m not going to do 

9 ’ll get

10 ’m not going to apply 

11 ’m going to start

12 ’ll be 

13 won’t be


Exercise 6

to in going to is pronounced /tu:ː/

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