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UNIT 5, 5C Listening, Changing jobs, page 55

Exercise 1

A locksmith 

B estate agent 

C groundskeeper

D stunt performer 

E builder


Exercise 3

1 although; however; nevertheless; in spite of this; on the other hand 

2 what is more; moreover; not only that

3 for example; for instance; such as 

4 in other words; what I mean is 

5 in my opinion; as I see it 

6 that’s because; therefore


Exercise 4

B 2 




F 6


Exercise 6

1 Nevertheless, it is rewarding.

2 For instance, they have to work long hours.

3 Not only that, but you will earn more money.

4 As I see it, parents should have to pay for their children.

5 That’s because you have to deal with the public.


Exercise 7

a His dad told him to do something he was passionate about, but he didn’t know what that was. He set up a website and asked employers to give him a job for just one week and he did a new job every week.

b He was always short of money because he donated all of his money to charity.

c He learned that you need to be passionate about your job if you’re to enjoy it, your job has to have meaning and it’s important to work with people that you get on with.


Exercise 8


2 F 

3 T 



6 T


UNIT 5, 5D Grammar, First conditional, page 56

Exercise 1

The man’s job is to operate the lift. He is pressing buttons to open and close the doors and move the lift to different floors.


Exercise 3

1 present simple 

2 will + verb

If newspapers disappear entirely, we won’t need newsagents.

And what will happen if everyone learns online instead of in a classroom?


Exercise 4

1 b 

2 e 

3 c 

4 a 

5 d


Exercise 5

1 ’ll quit; don’t get 

2 ’re; ’ll do 

3 ’ll look for; pass

4 don’t go; won’t earn 

5 ’ll be; find

6 goes; will (you) fix


Exercise 6

1 ’ll pass 

2 work 

3 get 

4 ’ll apply 

5 aren’t

6 ’ll probably go 

7 have 

8 ’ll email 

9 don’t have

10 ’ll be 

11 find 

12 ’ll be able to

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