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UNIT 6, 6C Listening, Check your ticket!, page 65

Exercise 1

They’re on a plane. They’re sitting in their seats and taking the meal from the flight attendant. She is offering them their meals. They are saying what kind of meal they want and thanking the flight attendant.


Exercise 2

2 No, she’s handing a meal to the woman. 

3 No, he’s wearing a white shirt. 

4 No, she’s wearing a shirt.

5 No, it’s on a tray. 

6 No, we can see a woman in glasses behind the man in the white shirt.


Exercise 4

Lydia went to Portugal in August. She went by car.


Exercise 5

Spain; Portugal; August; fly; drove


Exercise 6

2 b 

3 a 

4 a 

5 a 

6 b


Exercise 8

Georgina wanted to go to Granada in Spain, but the travel agent thought she said Grenada in the Caribbean.


Exercise 9


2 T 

3 F 

4 T 

5 F


Exercise 10

1 Where did you buy your ticket? 

2 Where did you want to go? 

3 When did you realise your mistake? 

4 What happened on the plane? 

5 Did you finally go to Granada? 

6 Did you get any compensation?


UNIT 6, 6D Grammar, page 66

Exercise 1

A person skiing has fallen over in the snow.

He/She might hurt him/herself



Exercise 2

1 He went last year.

2 On the first day he fell while he was skiing and broke his leg, so he spent the rest of the holiday in hospital.


Exercise 3

Present perfect: Have you ever been to Bulgaria? Have you been there? No, I haven’t. I’ve never been skiing …

Past simple: I went there last year with my family. What cities did you visit? We didn’t visit any cities. We went skiing. Was it good? I fell and broke my leg on the first day, so I spent …


Exercise 4

The present perfect is used to ask and answer questions, and the past simple is used to give specific information.


Exercise 5

1 I travelled 

2 He’s read 

3 Have you ever eaten

4 I bought 

5 I’ve forgotten 

6 She met


Exercise 6

1 Have … been 

2 visited 

3 was 

4 have … been

5 spent 

6 took 

7 watched 

8 Did … visit 

9 didn’t see


Exercise 7

2 Have you ever lost anything while travelling? 

3 Have you ever bought anything online? 

4 Have you ever eaten food from another country? 

5 Have you ever downloaded music? 

6 Have you ever missed a train, bus or plane? 

7 Have you ever forgotten to do your homework? 

8 Have you ever been abroad?

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