Інші завдання дивись тут...

UNIT 6, 6G Speaking, Planning a holiday, page 70

Exercise 2

places:  art gallery, church, monument, national park, old town, opera house, park, restaurant, shopping district, square, theatre

events: carnival, concert, festival, musical


Exercise 3

art gallery, concert, theatre, musical, (restaurant)


Exercise 4

1 c 

2 c 

3 a 

4 c 

5 a 

6 b 

7 c


Exercise 5

1 sounds 

2 good 

3 like 

4 really 

5 not 

6 that

7 sure 

8 think 

9 keen 

10 rather 

11 mind

12 suggestion 

13 both


Exercise 6

Shall we …? Let’s do that. Why don’t we …? I’m not sure about that. What about …? I don’t mind. It would be nice … I like that idea. Do you fancy …? I’m not very keen on that idea. Why not? What about …? (Do you fancy …?) What a good idea! We could always … That’s a really good plan.


Exercise 8

She asks twice.

She didn’t understand ‘market’ and ‘pricey’


UNIT 6, 6H Writing, A holiday blog, page 71

Exercise 2

Harry has done four things and has two more planned.

Emily has done two things and has one more planned.


Exercise 3

No: the first post doesn’t mention where Harry is staying


Exercise 4

Hilarious! Still cloudy … Can’t wait! Will post another entry tomorrow … Arrived in Snowdonia two days ago … Really looking forward to it!


Exercise 5

1 (Have) finally arrived! 

2 Looking forward to seeing you again. 

3 Went up the Empire State Building yesterday. 

4 Visited the Musée d’Orsay on Friday.

5 Flying back tomorrow. 


Exercise 6

1 windy, rainy, cloudy, sunny, dry 

2 river, hills, waterfall, lake, cliff 

3 kayaking, abseiling, mountain biking


Exercise 7

1 shopping; kayaking; abseiling; mountain biking

2 boat trip 

3 tower 

4 cathedral 

5 bike 

6 souvenirs

Інші завдання дивись тут...