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UNIT 8, 8A Vocabulary, Crimes and criminals, page 84-85

Exercise 1

1 Catwoman 

2 Robin Hood 

3 the lead characters in the film Ocean’s Eleven, including Danny Ocean

All the characters are involved in theft.


Exercise 2

1 arsonist 

2 burglary 

3 burglar 

4 break 

5 sell

6 steal 

7 mugging 

8 mugger 

9 murder

10 murderer 

11 kill 

12 steal 

13 theft 

14 thief

15 damage


Exercise 3

A The woman is in a shop. She is shoplifting some sunglasses.

B The thief is in the street or in a jeweller’s shop. He/She is stealing a necklace.

C The burglar is outside a house. He is breaking into it/ trying to burgle it.

D The man is in the street. He is vandalising a car.


Exercise 4


2 B 

3 D


Exercise 6

1 launch 

2 search 

3 interview 

4 make 

5 appeal

6 study 

7 identify 

8 patrol


Exercise 7

2 more serious 

3 worse 

4 the most difficult

5 more frightening


UNIT 8, 8B Grammar, Reported speech (1), page 86

Exercise 2

Most listeners thought that the crime was a joke because the reporter was interviewing the man / mugger about street crime.


Exercise 3

1 ’m doing 

2 is 

3 saw 

4 aren’t

5 don’t want 

6 stole


1 He stopped a passer-by and said that he was doing a story on street crime in the area.

2 The man said there was a lot of crime there.

3 He said he had seen a mugging earlier that day.

4 The reporter then said there weren’t many police officers on the streets.

5 The man said he didn’t want more police around.

6 The reporter, sounding upset, said that the man had stolen his phone.


Exercise 4

1 past simple 

2 past continuous 

3 past perfect


Exercise 6

2 She said (that) two men were burgling the house next door.

3 He said (that) teenagers often vandalised his shop.

4 She said (that) she had found the money two days earlier.

5 The police said (that) they were launching an investigation into drug-dealing in the town centre.

6 The teacher said (that) the police had arrested two suspects the Friday before.

7 He said (that) crime was getting worse, in his opinion.

8 She said (that) muggers often attacked tourists.

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