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UNIT 8, 8C Listening, A life of crime, page 87

Exercise 1

Bonnie and Clyde were both American. They were shot and killed by the police on 23 May 1934. Clyde was wanted for murder, robbery and kidnapping. 

Butch Cassidy (1866–1908) was an American train robber, bank robber and leader of a gang in the American Old West.

Billy the Kid (1859–1881) was an Irish-American gunman who became an outlaw in the American West. According to legend, he killed 21 men.


Exercise 2

1 arsonists

c broke into, valuable jewellery

d looked for, criminals

e mugged the youth


Exercise 3

a 5 

b 1 

c 2 

d 4 

e 3


Exercise 4

1 12

2 Clyde was 25; Bonnie was 23.


Exercise 5

1 a 

2 both 

3 b 

4 both 

5 a


Exercise 6

2 His family were farmers, but they didn’t own the farm and they were always short of money.

3 There were huge numbers of people looking for work, and very few jobs.

4 They often changed cars – by stealing a new one! They frequently visited their families.

5 They were always on the road, never settling down


UNIT 8, 8D Grammar, Reported speech (2), page 88

Exercise 1

He got stuck in a bathroom window.

He got out when firefighters removed the window.


Exercise 2

a 4 

b 3 

c 2 

d 1 

e 5


Exercise 3

1 past perfect 

2 could / couldn’t 

3 would / wouldn’t


Exercise 4

2 Cathy said (that) she had never been jet-skiing.

3 Liam said (that) he would watch the documentary with me that night.

4 George said (that) we/they couldn’t go out because it was stormy.

5 Harriet said (that) the volcano had erupted twice that year.

6 Chris said (that) he would probably study maths at college.

7 Joe said (that) we/they could visit the aquarium that day.

8 Mandy said (that) a new florist’s had opened in town.


Exercise 5

say: He said he couldn’t move. She said to the man that he could stay where he was …

tell: The man told Miss Holmes that he had been there for four hours. Miss Holmes told the man that she wouldn’t help him because he had tried to burgle her house.


Exercise 6

1 told 

2 said 

3 said 

4 told 

5 said 

6 told

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