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UNIT 8, 8G Speaking, Photo description, page 92

Exercise 1

1 They can’t want people to recognise them because they are wearing hoodies and one of them is covering his face.

2 It must be clothes because one of the looters is holding a pair of jeans.

3 It must be happening during the day because it’s light.


Exercise 5

1 theme 

2 both 

3 unlike 

4 difference 

5 show

6 whereas


Exercise 6

Similarities 1, 2, 5

Differences 3, 4, 6


Exercise 8

In my opinion, …, I’m not sure, really., I suppose it’s true to say that …, What is more, …


UNIT 8, 8H Writing, An email, page 93

Exercise 2



Exercise 3

Immediately Some time later

at that moment,

just then,





a few moments later,

after a while,

a short while later,

before long,

shortly afterwards,

soon, soon after

Exercise 4

Immediately: at once

Some time later: in the end


Exercise 5

1 Just then, the rain stopped.

2 At that point, a black car arrived.

3 A short while later / A few moments later, a second car appeared.

4 At that moment, a woman shouted for help.

5 After a while, there were loud gunshots.


Exercise 6

1 on 

2 by 

3 In

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