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UNIT 9, 9A Vocabulary, Gadgets, page 96-97

Exercise 2

A plastic, rubber, steel 

B plastic, nylon, rubber, wood

C aluminium, glass, plastic 

D plastic, nylon, rubber


Exercise 5

1 mains 

2 mostly 

3 handle 

4 base 

5 allows


Exercise 6

battery powered;

mains powered;

it’s got a long handle;

It’s got a triangular base;

It’s made mostly of glass


Exercise 7

1 press 

2 come 

3 posts 

4 goes 

5 gets


UNIT 9, 9B Grammar, page 98

Exercise 1

make calls, text / send messages, listen to music, take photos, play games, tweet, send and receive emails, search the internet


Exercise 2

1973 The first mobile phone call was made by Martin Cooper of Motorola.

1986 Voicemail was added to phones.

1992 The first text message was sent.

1997 The camera phone was invented by Philippe Kahn.


Exercise 3

1 be 

2 present 

3 past 

4 by


Exercise 4

Nearly a billion mobile phones are sold … (a)

The first mobile phone call was made …

The call was answered …

The first mobiles were powered … (a)

Voicemail was added …

Internet access was not added … (b)

The first text message was sent …

It was not typed … (b)

The camera phone was invented …

Photos of his newborn daughter were shared … (a)

In the UK, a mobile phone is stolen …

What are mobile phones used for the most? (c)


Exercise 5

2 were sold 

3 are often used 

4 is usually answered

5 were bought 

6 is accessed 

7 are sent

8 was dropped


Exercise 6

1 was … watched 

2 Were … rescued 

3 are improved

4 was nearly killed 

5 is … allowed

6 was … laughed at 

7 are … sometimes held

8 were … found


Exercise 7

1 She was watched carefully because she didn’t feel pain, so she often injured herself badly.

2 No, they weren’t. They swam to a beach and were helped by a farmer.

3 Players are taught to think about objects in three dimensions and how to react well to failure. Social skills are also improved.

4 Ewa Wisnierska was nearly killed by a storm.

5 He is allowed to have the day off because he is terrified of Halloween.

6 He was laughed at because he fell asleep on the beach with no suncream and when he woke up he had white circles round his eyes where his sunglasses had been.

7 They are sometimes held at burger bars.

8 They were found on a small piece of paper in a secret pocket inside a dead man’s trousers.

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