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Introduction, IA

Exercise 1



3 ice hockey

4 video games 

5 ice skating 

6 listening to music

7 cycling

8 drama


Exercise 2 

a bowling, cycling, dancing, drawing, gymnastics, ice skating, listening to music, skateboarding, swimming, video games, watching films

b board games, chess, drawing, listening to music, video games, watching films

c basketball, bowling, football, ice hockey, volleyball


Introduction, IC

Exercise 3

A a dress, a coat, a hat and gloves.

B a shirt, a tie, a jacket and trousers.

C a sweater / T-shirt, a cardigan, a skirt, a scarf and boots.

D a T-shirt, a hoodie, shorts and trainers.


UNIT 1, 1G

Exercise 1 

1 got, d 

2 get, c 

3 gets, e 

4 got, b

5 is getting, a


UNIT 1, 1H

Exercise 3

1 makes up 

2 got away 

3 ran after

4 look up to 

5 carry on 

6 put up with

7 give back 

8 talk about 

9 came back

Інші завдання дивись тут...