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UNIT 8, 8G

Exercise 1

A a beard, curly / straight / wavy hair, eyebrows; a moustache, plaits, a ponytail

B earrings, a necklace, sunglasses, a scarf


Exercise 2 

The man has got a beard and a moustache. He’s got straight dark hair. He’s wearing sunglasses, a hat, a scarf and a jacket.

The woman has got long, straight white and pink hair. She’s got plaits and she’s wearing earrings. She’s also wearing a white top and a waistcoat.


UNIT 8, 8H

Exercise 3

1 on 

2 by 

3 on 

4 for 

5 in 

6 at 

7 on

8 on


Exercise 4

1 on the phone 

2 on holiday 

3 for a walk

4 at night 

5 in a hurry 

6 on an excursion

7 by mistake


UNIT 9, 9G

Exercise 1

A digital radio 

B camcorder

C Blu-ray player 

D digital photo frame

E solar-powered battery charger 

F satnav


Exercise 2

1 smart TV 

2 hard disc recorder 

3 satnav

4 headphones 

5 e-book reader


UNIT 9, 9H

Exercise 3


2 a 


4 b

Інші завдання дивись тут...