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Grammar Builder 4

Exercise 1

1 smaller 

2 larger 

3 earlier 

4 more powerful

5 more 

6 brighter 

7 fewer 

8 more

9 further / farther 

10 wetter 

11 prettier

12 more frightening


Exercise 2

1 happier 

2 smaller 

3 friendlier 

4 better

5 less 

6 more difficult 

7 further / farther

8 colder 

9 wetter 

10 worse


Exercise 3

2 The Earth is much smaller than the sun.

3 Gold is heavier than silver.

4 Rock-climbing is more dangerous than hiking.

5 Cycling is much easier than skiing.

6 The USA is far bigger than the UK.

7 Porsches are more expensive than Skodas.

8 Ice storms are far rarer than thunderstorms.

9 A broken ankle is worse than a sprained ankle.


Exercise 4 

2 The book isn’t as expensive as the pen.

3 Darren isn’t as tall as Lucy.

4 London isn’t as far (away) as Leeds.

5 The skiing holiday is as cheap as the beach holiday.

6 French isn’t as popular as Spanish.


Exercise 5

1 the biggest 

2 the scariest 

3 the worst

4 the furthest / farthest 

5 the best 

6 the most intelligent


Exercise 6

1 the most intelligent; in 

2 the best; of

3 the worst; in

4 the biggest; of

5 the shortest; of

6 the highest; in


Exercise 7

2 What is the best day of the week?

3 What is the worst day of the week?

4 What is the most beautiful city in your country?

5 Who is the best-looking actor on TV?


Exercise 9

You are too short to reach that shelf.

This pizza is too hot to eat.

The sky’s too cloudy to see the stars.

It’s too cold to swim in the sea.

This suitcase is too heavy to lift.


Exercise 10

You aren’t tall enough to reach that shelf.

This pizza isn’t cool enough to eat.

The sky isn’t clear enough to see the stars.

It isn’t warm enough to swim in the sea.

This suitcase isn’t light enough to lift.


Exercise 11 

1 use; reduce 

2 cut down; destroy 

3 can; conserve 

4 save; don’t leave 

5 burn; gives off

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