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Grammar Builder 7

Exercise 1

1 c 

2 e 

3 a 

4 b 

5 d


Exercise 2

1 would do; spent 

2 didn’t watch; would be 

3 hit; would cause 

4 would slow; changed

5 applied; would get 

6 visited; could 

7 wanted; would start


Exercise 3

2 If she liked swimming, she would go to the pool./ She would go to the pool if she liked swimming.

3 If he earned a lot of money, he would rent an apartment on his own. / He would rent an apartment on his own if he earned a lot of money.

4 If the Louvre Museum wasn’t/weren’t crowded, I would like it. / I would like the Louvre Museum if it wasn’t/weren’t crowded.

5 We would go on holiday this year if we could afford it. / If we could afford it, we would go on holiday this year.

6 If I understood my homework, I could finish it quickly. / I could finish my homework quickly if I understood it.


Exercise 4

1 would you do; were 

2 could; would you choose

3 Would you behave; weren’t 

4 would you feel; won

5 could; would you go 

6 had to; would you take


Exercise 6

1 had eaten 

2 had forgotten 

3 had grown

4 had missed 

5 had written; had made 

6 had seen


Exercise 7 

1 couldn’t; had left 

2 ate; had never eaten

3 found; had lost 

4 met; had been born

5 didn’t play; had hurt 

6 was; had rained


Exercise 8

2 After we’d bought a newspaper, we had a coffee.

3 After we’d played tennis, we went home.

4 When my cousin phoned, I’d gone to sleep.

5 When we arrived at the match, Messi had scored two goals.

6 When their mother got home, the children had done the housework.

Інші завдання дивись тут...