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Grammar Builder 8

Exercise 1

1 was wearing 

2 hadn’t arrived 

3 wasn’t

4 was snowing 

5 wasn’t enjoying 

6 made

7 didn’t like 

8 had been 

9 knew

10 hadn’t taken


Exercise 2

2 he; my 

3 he, their 

4 my; her; their 

5 his; he; his


Exercise 3

2 She said (that) it was raining quite hard there.

3 She said (that) she needed to buy a present for her sister.

4 She said (that) it was her (sister’s) birthday soon.

5 She said (that) she was looking for a silver bracelet.

6 She said (that) she had seen a nice one the day before in the jeweller’s.

7 She said (that) that unfortunately it wasn’t there any more.

8 She said (that) she thought somebody had bought it.


Exercise 4

1 had broken 

2 would carry 

3 had lost

4 could get 

5 had … been 

6 couldn’t

7 hadn’t locked 

8 would win


Exercise 5

2 Emma said (that) they hadn’t been to London since last January. 

3 Wendy said (that) Tom couldn’t speak French. 

4 Kylie said (that) she would get a holiday job next summer. 

5 Jake said (that) we could play tennis the next day. 

6 Kate’s brother said (that) she had decided to study medicine. 

7 Andy said (that) he wouldn’t tell anyone what Josh had done.


Exercise 6

1 told 

2 said 

3 said 

4 told 

5 said 

6 told

Інші завдання дивись тут...